I AM …

Mexican, born in 1971 in Mexico City. I am the elder sister to two brothers, Adriana and Toño. I am the wife of Daniel and the mother of Daniela and Diego. Since a very young age, I was always fascinated by cuisine: I used to prepare mud ice cream to feed the goblins in my garden, I found the courage to try (almost) every new dish when travelling with my parents. I was also an apprentice, with my cousins, of the family culinary tradition through the recipes shared lovingly by my grandmother, my aunt and my mother.

During my career, I restored old paintings, I designed furniture with recovered wood and also planted trees, and I collaborated with artisans to make unique pieces of furniture. I always worked with the same idea in mind: Understand the past to preserve it, and then create something new with it.

Today, on top of all this, is the intention of identifying coincidences, promote them and share them across the table.

Inspired by the photography « mis manos son mi corazón » 1991 Gabriel Orozco